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Project PITER reached its conclusion in 2011 and was immediately followed by Project CLAIRE, the aim of which was to implement the main conclusions of the joint action plan identified by the partners in the PITER project.

  • Project PITER was part of the “Region of Knowledge” programme and brought together two regional authorities (Rhône-Alpes and Piedmont) and two clusters working on renewable energy (Tenerrdis and Envipark). The project helped to identify and share sectors of common interest and to define a joint action plan that will lead to real instances of cooperation in the field of renewable energy in partnership with enterprise, research / training centres and institutions. Its aim was to promote synergies and exchanges between the two regions in respect of R&D, the transfer of technology and joint political and economic initiatives to develop and spread the use of renewable energy.
  • On the basis of this joint action plan, the partners in Project PITER decided to extend their cooperation within the framework of a cross-border cooperation project, ALCOTRA. With a stronger partnership that includes two professional groupings (Udimec and Confindustria Piemonte), Project CLAIRE will continue the cooperation between stakeholders in innovation to enable the realisation of some of the actions tabled in the joint action plan.
  • The aim of Project CLAIRE is to develop cross-border action in the field of renewable energy to support innovation, the productive diversification of local manufacturing industries towards the new energy market and the mobility of researchers.
  • This website contains core information on these two European projects together with their primary results such as the database of stakeholders in renewable energy sectors (enterprises, research centres and institutions) and thematic monographs.





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